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Each 1,5 hour session will focus on a specific area of the shoulder

  • Part 1 - Ventral shoulder

    Long head of the biceps tendon, pectoralis major tendon, rotator interval, subscapularis, anterior labrum and several bursa's. Furthermore, we will discuss the coracoid process region incl. the short head of the biceps, coracobrachialis, pectoralis minor, coracoacromial ligament, coracohumeral ligament, coracoclavicular ligament, SC joint.

  • Part 2 - Superior shoulder

    Supraspinatus tendon and muscle, acromiohumeral distance, suprascapular nerve, subacromial-subdeltoid bursa, AC-joint.

  • Part 3 - Dorsal and inferior shoulder

    Infraspinatus, teres minor, dorsal and inferior labrum, axillary recess, quadrilateral space, suprascapular nerve.

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Senior Instructor

Marc Schmitz

Marc is Founder and CEO of SonoSkills, an organization dedicated to teaching musculoskeletal ultrasound to healthcare professionals globally. He started SonoSkills in 2010 and from there the organization grew to over 120 courses per year in 30+ countries. He also works at the Laurentius Hospital in the Netherlands where he has an ultrasound consultation in the radiology department.