Join this 3-part in-depth webinar series on the hip joint

  • Part 1: Ventral hip

    Hip joint, capsule, labrum, femeroacetabular impingement, iliocapsularis, iliopsoas, bursa, rectus femoris (direct and indirect)

  • Part 2: Ventral/medial hip

    Groin, hernias, abdominal muscle, pubic bone, pubic symphisis, adductor muscle and tendons, neurovascular bundle, sartorius, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

  • Part 3: Lateral/dorsal hip

    Tensor fascia latae, iliotibial tract, gluteal muscle and tendons, trochanteric region incl. bursae, piriformis, sciatic nerve, hamstring origin, hamstring muscle.

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Senior Instructor

Marc Schmitz

Marc is Founder and CEO of SonoSkills, an organization dedicated to teaching musculoskeletal ultrasound to healthcare professionals globally. He started SonoSkills in 2010 and from there the organization grew to over 120 courses per year in 30+ countries. He also works at the Laurentius Hospital in the Netherlands where he has an ultrasound consultation in the radiology department.