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  • Part 1

    Ankle region

  • Part 2

    Ankle & foot region

  • Part 3

    Foot region

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Podiatrist & MSK Sonographer

Robert Wonink

Robert studied podiatry at the Academy for Podiatry. He then further specialized as a podiatry teacher. In 2004, Robert founded Podiatry Care Netherlands, currently with over 100 clinics throughout the country. In 2007 he specialized in rheumatism and ultrasonography. Since 2009, Robert has been teaching musculoskeletal ultrasound of the foot and ankle and he joined SonoSkills in 2018.

Senior Instructor

Marc Schmitz

Marc is Founder and CEO of SonoSkills, an organization dedicated to teaching musculoskeletal ultrasound to healthcare professionals globally. He started SonoSkills in 2010 and from there the organization grew to over 120 courses per year in 30+ countries. He also works at the Laurentius Hospital in the Netherlands where he has an ultrasound consultation in the radiology department.

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