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    Anatomy and sonoanatomy of spinous process, cervical facets, transverse process, evaluation of trapezius, elevator scapula tendon, multifidus and how to perform injections on facets and neuroforamen. Anatomy and sonoanatomy of brachial plexus and peripheral nerves. Anatomy and sonoanatomy of spinous process, thoracic facets, evaluation of multifidus and thoracolumbar fascia. Demonstration how to do injections on thoracic facets.

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Ezequiel Mailand

With a specialty in Sports Medicine Ezequiel Mailand is passionate about regenerative medicine and ultrasound scanning, constantly searching for new treatments and techniques to improve the quality of life of his patients. During his training in sports medicine, he was a team physician at Club Atlético Newells Old Boys (Rosario, Argentina), for 5 years, where he focused his interest on the sports injuries. He also enjoyed professional rugby, and coordinated medicine at the minor divisions of the Athletic Club of Rosario Plaza Jewell. His musculoskeletal pain, spine, msk ultrasound imaging and physical medicine training was performed in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service of the Provincial Hospital. He has been very active in the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine since joining in 2010.

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